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Rock Star Musa : Musa is starring Starsue s teen magazine cover. She shows all her talent for music and fashion. You can edit the magazine cover customizing color of the cover, title and news, as well as items used by Musa. About Musa : She loves all forms of music. Although she tries to put up a tough front to isolate herself and is often pessimistic, she is a loyal and caring friend. Musa gets the best grades in the group. She is a bit of a tomboy but can be girly at many times. She is pale and has an Asian in appearance, with blue-black pigtails and blue eyes. She has the power of music, and she gets her energy from all kinds of music. She comes from the planet Melody so she grew with music all around her. Her mother was a great singer and her father a great pianist. Her pixie is Tune, the pixie of manners, who often gets on Musa's nerves since they are almost the exact opposite of each other in terms of personalities. Her magical pet is Pepe, a brown bear. She is Riven's girlfriend. Exclusive Games

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