Description : MLP Equestria Girls Juniper Montage Dress Up Game

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Equestria Girls Juniper Montage : When first introduced, Juniper Montage is portrayed as very friendly and innocent. Like Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, she is a huge fan of A. K. Yearling, having met her once and gotten her to sign her copy of the latest Daring Do book. She also appears to be a big movie enthusiast, having worked on the sets for all of her uncle's movies and evidenced by her film reel-shaped hairpins. She shares her movie interest with Twinkleshine. However, toward the end of Movie Magic and in Mirror Magic, Juniper's true colors come to light. Her desire to be cast as Daring Do and become a famous movie star is so strong that she is willing to sabotage the production of a film. When her dreams are not realized, she lashes out to those responsible, demonstrated when she uses a magic hand mirror to trap Sunset Shimmer with her friends in limbo. In her transformed state, Juniper's views on the world become warped to the point where she perceives screaming people as adoring fans. However, she does express deep remorse at the ends of Movie Magic and Mirror Magic, her actions stemming from a desire to be liked by others. Juniper's favorite food is Bon Mot peanut butter praline crunch bars, which are also Chestnut Magnifico's favorite snack. Exclusive Games

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