Description : Ever After High Way Too Wonderland Courtly Jester Dress Up Game

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Way Too Wonderland Courtly Jester : Join the fun at Ever After High with Courtly Jester. Raven Queen, daughter of the Evil Queen, magically transports herself and her friends to Wonderland. There they meet Courtly Jester, daughter of the Joker Card, who is a wild card herself. In true Wonderland fashion, the Courtly Jester wears an iconic outfit with bright colors and card-inspired print. Courtly is the type to have an aggressive and assertive, power-hungry exterior and an insecure interior, often referring to herself as "lowly Courtly Jester". Usually nonsensical, she takes pleasure in other's misery, facing life with a sadistic smile. Her Joker heritage also makes her mischievous and a liar, twisting other's words with ease and manipulative with her persuasion skills. Exclusive Games

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