Description : Monster High Gloom and Bloom Amanita Nightshade Dress Up Game

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Monster High Amanita Nightshade : Amanita Nightshade is a plant monster, born from the seed of the Corpse Flower, an extremely rare flower which only blooms every 1300 years, and is about to bloom near Monster High... Amanita Nightshade considers herself one of the most beautiful monsters to have ever existed, and believes everyone is in awe of her beauty. But while she may look beautiful, her personality is the complete opposite. She is incredibly selfish and narcissistic, to the point that she refers to herself in the third person. She cares little about anyone's needs except her own, believes everyone is here to serve her, and feels offended when someone refuses to do what she says. As a result, it is not long before no one wants anything to do with her, but she seems ignorant of how obnoxious she is to others. She can transform into an ordinary plant whenever she wants, but it takes 1300 years for her to wake up. Exclusive Games

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