Description : DollDivine Glitter Cure Creator Game

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Glitter Cure Creator : Inspired by the rich Japanese tradition of anime magical girls, this game lets you create endless dolls and arrange them in a scene. Dress them up in outfits incorporating lolita and school girl aesthetics and of course, a good dash of magic! You are probably familiar with Sailor Moon, but the hardcore weebs will also know about Pretty Cure, and some of its new 3D incarnations, such as Precure Dream Stars. This game introduces a new feature, an age toggle! You can make both children and teenagers, use randomizers to set both the genetics and outfits (if you like), customize facial features and choose natural or stylistic lipstick. Mix and match hair pieces to create a stunning hairstyle, complete with ombre! Then build your outfit piece by piece, customizing the blouse, the corset, the lacing, the sleeves (both long and pouffy). Then craft to your heart's content as you mix and match from a dazzling array of skirts! Accessorize the outfit, complete with drag and drop, and even POSE your Precure character! When you are done, click the check mark in the game to select a background, and possibly add more ladies to the scene. Enjoy!

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